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Theme Party Inspiration: Springtime Secret Garden Party (With Baby Animals!)

Have you found yourself daydreaming about spring lately? Yeah, us too. It was sunny yesterday here in Portland, which gives us hope that we will soon see flowers bloom, smell freshly-cut grass, and hear the chirp chirp of baby birds. Winter will eventually end, right? (Please say yes.)

Party Inspiration:

We were definitely thinking about sunnier skies as we put together this Pinterest board full of ideas for a Springtime Secret Garden Party. Our main inspiration comes from (you guessed it) springtime and the outdoors. We’re imagining a beautiful backyard party (small or large) full of colorful flowers (lots of flowers!), floral prints, lace, greenery like moss, skeleton keys, butterflies, birds, and baby animals. Yup, baby animals. Who wouldn’t want to come to your garden party if you promised that puppies, bunnies and other adorable creatures would be frolicking around in the grass?


This Garden Party Invitation Kit by Teagan White is perfect.

Invitations for a spring garden party


This gorgeous garden party is blooming with beauty! We love the colors, large-bloom roses, rustic wood table, and colored glassware.

Garden Party Table and Decorations

blue birdcage would brighten up the food or dessert table.

Garden Party Colorful birdcage

What party is complete without music?

Record player outdoors


Traditional tea party finger foods like these cucumber sandwiches would hit the spot.

tea sandwiches for a garden party

A cupcake in a teacup? I would eat that.

Cupcake in a teacup

Cheers to spring and new beginnings! This Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail by Martha Stewart sure looks delicious. 

Garden Party Spring Cocktail


Ladies should wear a flowery frock, of course!

floral dress from Modcloth

Party Favors:

When guests arrive, give them a skeleton key necklace that grants them access to the “secret” garden.

DIY Skeleton Key

Since it’s a secret garden party, this could also make a fun surprise party theme!

And now, I leave you with this:

cute baby animals