A Short Story

The other night, the power went out unexpectedly in my apartment building. A neighbor said she saw through her living room window that a transformer had caught fire (though it quickly extinguished itself). Excitement!

Once my boyfriend and I realized we might be without power for awhile, and therefore couldn’t continue the electricity-dependent work we’d been doing, we had one pressing thought…

We have to eat the ice cream before it melts.

We’d recently purchased a pint of salted caramel ice cream from a gourmet ice cream shop in our neighborhood, and our first post-outage priority was to grab spoons and dig in by the light of our small LED flashlight. “We can’t let this go to waste,” we told ourselves in serious tones.

No overhead lights. No music. No computers. No way to do the work we “needed” to do.

Just caramel ribbons and shadow puppets on the wall.

It was a good night.

Have you ever been secretly grateful to be “inconvenienced”?

by Flickr user Brenderous

by Flickr user Brenderous

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  1. hilary

    One night on a rural rode the door swung open on the passenger side of a pick-up truck and I, the passenger, was tossed out. Not only that, a strap latched around my arm briefly and dragged me for a bit. An “inconvenience” for sure. Somehow, I got away with only scrapes, a few colorful bruises, and bits of gravel in interesting places.

    Why am I secretly grateful for this experience? Because that night, at a wine tasting, I met a dashing physician who, hearing the story, wanted to see my leg. He tells me now that his interest was partly medical, partly a ploy to see my leg. We’ve been together ever since, over 30 years.

  2. Tania

    Best part of my mini vacation recently was a power outage. We were in pitch darkness in the middle of nowhere with the cold creeping in and only head lamps for light. HEAD LAMPS! It was wonderful.

  3. Sarah

    I love Hilary’s story too! :) How did I not know that?

    In the spirit of EI (though long before it came to be), we once made our own Monopoly board while snowed in.

    The only time I’ve ever flown first class was because I’d been inconveniently bumped from an earlier flight. Does that count? ;)


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