I Made It Myself: Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes

I Made It Myself is a series where I document my attempts to cook food that I would normally pay someone else to make, or buy in a package.

I haven’t written about any baking adventures in IMIM so far, because it’s not really a new challenge, so I didn’t think it should count. However, I’ve decided that my most recent effort warrants consideration because it involved the double effort of gluten-free baking (something I’ve been experimenting with for awhile, and feel like I finally got right with this recipe) and red velvet (something I’ve never tried before).

(On the other hand, maybe this doesn’t qualify, because, as you’ll see in the pictures, I did not in fact make it myself.)

I looked at several recipes for gluten free red velvet cake before settling on this one from the Gluten Free Cooking School. Of course, I had to go to two places to find the specialty ingredients (brown rice flour and xanthan gum are available in many grocery stores I’ve noticed, but sorghum flour and tapioca starch are still hard to find), but in the end it was worth it. These were a big hit at Moulin Rouge and finally made me feel good about my gluten free baking skills. They were good. Not “good for gluten free,” just…good. Hooray for cupcakes! Boo gluten!

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